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Board/Staff Training
Retreat Facilitation

The success of any development effort depends on energized and confident staff and volunteer leadership. Over the years, we have developed and presented dozens of training, informational, and motivational presentations to development professionals and volunteers, giving them the confidence and skills to effectively execute development plans. With careful advance planning, DeLauro and Associates can tailor presentations to the needs of your audience and provide skillful, effective, and outcome oriented retreat facilitation and meeting management for your board or staff retreat.

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Campaign Studies and Counsel

DeLauro and Associates conducts campaign feasibility studies, provides ongoing capital campaign counsel, pre-campaign and post-campaign guidance, plus follow-through direction in establishing systems and guidelines for a total development program.

Our work in conducting feasibility studies and campaign planning is designed to ensure campaign success through careful data collection and analysis, accurate and ambitious goal setting, and experienced, detailed strategic planning.

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Community Capacity Assessments

DeLauro and Associates’ uses publicly available IRS data for the amount taken in charitable gift deductions by residents of your service area zip codes. This total deduction for your zip codes is reduced by an algorithm we have developed to project your charitable gift potential.

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Executive Search

Association of Healthcare Philanthropy Jobs | Chronicle of Philanthropy Jobs

There is no more important determinant of the success of a fundraising program than the quality of staff leadership. The difference between a skillful and effective professional and an ineffective one can be measured in tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, lost time, and damaged donor relationships. DeLauro and Associates will assist you in the selection process by developing an accurate and attractive position description, helping you to establish a competitive salary range, and using our broad and national network of fundraising contacts, to identify qualified candidates for your consideration who would not usually respond to employment advertising.

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Financial Policy Development

DeLauro and Associates’ would be pleased to help you develop best practice policies to guide your financial practices in the following areas:

  • Net Asset Classifications
  • Net Assets Released from Restriction
  • Contribution Revenue
  • Operating Expenses
  • Transfers to Hospital
  • Agency Transactions and SFAS 136
  • Investments and Investment Activity
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Marketing Plans and Development Communication Services

Effective and regular communication with existing and prospective donors is a key component of their involvement in your cause. They won’t help you if they don’t know your organization and its mission, and have positive feelings about them. DeLauro and Associates can help you to develop a comprehensive donor communication program including the writing and production of newsletters, press releases, videos, and campaign materials.

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Merger and Acquisition Consulting

If your hospital is considering a possible affiliation or partnership, DeLauro and Associates can help you plan and prepare for that possibility. We offer planning, preparation, and communication strategies for board members, donors, and other stakeholders in advance of non-profit mergers and for-profit acquisitions.

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Strategic Planning, Market Potential Studies and Development Audits

No matter how successful they have been, fundraising programs periodically need to reenergize their board and staff. Engaging in a deliberate strategic planning process can effectively combine the wisdom and aspirations of the organizations’ board and key constituents with market information and best practices in the field to develop a shared vision of the future. DeLauro and Associates can help you identify specific key objectives to focus the activity of the board and staff to the achievement of your goals.